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Welcome to

PlanetForge was started by a few volunteers to provide a community site for discussion and collaboration in the ecosystem around software development forges (intended at tool developers, end users, potential users, and so on).

Many forge systems are descendants from (direct forks, or inspired by) the venerable SourceForge codebase, and most of the concerns are shared across the forges.

By discussing these concerns on a common neutral forum, we expect to foster the sharing of ideas, good practices, and experiences, interoperability and integration of tools.

See also PlanetForge history.

Why participate

Yeah, this is yet another community. Why would you participate ?

Because most forges implementers and users are more or less isolated, and sometimes it's better to not reinvent the wheel, and seek for reuse, convergence, interoperability.

By talking about your efforts early enough you have chances of getting useful feedback from others. In adding bits to your blog or sending a short notice to the list, you maximize the chance that subscribed people can talk to you, share, and that everyone's work is improved.

We didn't know of another "agnostic" forum to discuss forge matters... so we had to create one ;-)

Everyone is very much welcome to share knowledge, ideas, code, and efforts. Come and enjoy.

Resources currently hosts collaboration resources :





  • A mailing-list has been created for discussions in english
  • Following the meeting held in Paris on February 3rd and 4th in Paris, the Proceedings are now online.

Pour les francophones : Accueil sera peut-être plus lisible. Hispanoparlantes: Página principal en español

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